New Dystopian Fiction Complete

Kings_and_Clans_of_the_Midwest_2 (2)

The new novel by Den Warren, Kings and Clans of the Midwest is now complete.  Here s a picture of the original cover design.  This design was not compatible with the book publishing process and was scrapped.   This was put here so you could take a look at it.

The 71,000 word completed yet to be published novel takes place in a near future setting about a financial collapse of the United States. The story details how the collapse happened and how the characters try to survive. The country is breaking up into many factions and in the early stages of developing sub-cultures. This novel would fit into the category of dystopian fiction, but also prepper fiction.

The reader will find that the characters are colorful and not all the same.  Everyone doesn’t get along all the time and everything doesn’t always go right.

There is grit, tension, and some poignant moments, and the dialog has some humor.

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Most literary agents are from blue states, so it is unlikely that a literary agent would be of any help in getting a book like Kings and Clans of the Midwest published.  So unless some tobacco chewing backwoods literary agent, (is that even possible?)  steps forward and decides they want to team up, this work will be either be published by a small press, or independently published.


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