Preachy Fiction

This is a good article for any Christian who writes.

Writing for Christ!

There seems to be a very real problem in the realm of Christian fiction writing. We seem to have lost our focus on why we write. We seem to have displaced the One for whom we claim to write. All things are for God’s glory, all things. That includes fictional literature. If not, then “Christian Fiction” is a joke.

But I do not believe that Christian fiction is a joke, because I believe it’s purpose is good and true. Not Christian fiction for fiction’s sake, but Christian fiction for the glory of Christ. For a love offering unto Christ.

So much is spoken by Christian authors against “preachiness” in Christian novels. I can’t help but wonder if the real root of that complaint lies in our insecurities. We’re so afraid of being looked down upon by the world that we’re willing to bash the very purpose of our existence, which…

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