KINGS and CLANS – Shared Universe


A shared universe in fiction is when authors pool their characters and other story features together.  This intention of this page is to organize how the KINGS and CLANS © Shared Universe (KCSU) will function.  The goal of the shared universe is to produce novels and/or anthologies of short stories within the series.  Authors interested in participating in KCSU are encouraged to read the relevant back stories already in print.

To date, this includes only one novel, KINGS and CLANS of the Midwest.



The main purpose for having the shared universe is for the fun and profit of the authors involved.  Also, as fans of the series increase in number, interest in all of the books would increase.  I can see where a couple of very strong books could help out some weaker ones.  Likewise, we don’t want to produce books that may drag down the universe.


PUBLISHER AND EDITOR OF KCSU: I,  Den Warren will serve as publisher and editor.  For my involvement, I will take 10% of the contributor author royalties.  My goal is to help good authors, perhaps first time authors, produce a nice product for publication.  I will be heavily involved in the development and editing of all KCSU books.  I will have the final approval before any book is published within the K&C name.  It is my intent that this entire endeavor will be for fun and some profit.  That is not to say that some of it could not become financially successful.   I consider myself open minded, but am also very quality oriented.



A KCSU Sourcebook will be maintained of all of the characters in KCSU, containing profiles of them.  If an author creates a character, that author is the “owner” of the character.   Any proposed major alterations to a borrowed character will have to be approved by the owner.  If the original owner is no longer available, then the character will belong to the KCSU editor.



All stories do not have to follow a particular viewpoint.  We can discuss that as it becomes an issue.  MIDWEST was very dogmatic politically and in its Christian message.  This is not an expectation, but can be included as the author sees fit. Perhaps even the “other” side can be the viewpoint, if that is how you roll.



For now, it seems better to have a very short synopsis on the book back cover.  Too many books are spoiled just by reading the description.

I don’t care too much for hard core vulgar vernacular.  It is not necessary.

It would be better if the time-frame of the story fit in with the overall universe time-frame.

We want to make the book covers all look like they belong to a series.

It would be bad to tell the readers about anything too early in the works.  Close to release would be okay.



If a change is mutually agreed upon, it can be considered for implementation.  It will develop as more authors become involved.



If you have an idea for a book or anthology, email me at  Put KCSU in the subject.  I would like to know if you have written before, if you have written fiction, what existing characters you would like to use.  Any stories written for KCSU should be published at a date that does not make them overly anachronistic.  So, if you are sequestering a character for a story.  Git ‘er done. My thinking is final works should be about 70K words, and be sold on the lower end of the price scale.



You may have some great ideas for stories based upon one or more of the characters from MIDWEST.  Or, you may want to do the same thing, writing about K&C of the Southland, West Coast, or Texas, Hawaii, modern-day Transylvania, or whatever.




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