The Action Book Battle Page – Christian Book Reviews

If they can have cooking battles on TV, then we can have book battles here! Think your book is better than KINGS and CLANS of the Midwest? Maybe it is. . . But right now I wonder if there are any books out there LIKE K&C.

I would like to read some good fiction. If you are a Christian, and have written a dystopian, sci-fi, or thriller novel, I would like to review it and feature it here, as well as my own book(s). I want to compare my book to yours.

Maybe the readers of this blog will want to do the same thing and include their own reviews. I will have to listen to them if they are not biased. The Challenging author or anyone else may comment as well. The goal is for everyone to enjoy the process. If your book is clearly better, it will receive a place of honor on this site. Plus you can put the award on your book “Action Book Battle Winner” with the year and a link to this page.

Note: I don’t see myself as the arrogant kind who will always be better than you, not matter what. In truth, I am more of the self-doubting type who will definitely give you a fair shot. If your book is brilliant, I can, and will say so. but I’ll win another way because I get to read a brilliant book and come away with more ideas. . .I think win, lose, or draw both authors (and publishers) gain from the situation. I won’t “spoil” your novel for you, nor should anyone mine, by telling too much of what happens so I will keep comments general.

Challenger Qualifications:
If you are a Christian, and you don’t among all your hundreds of pages have a character offer the Christian plan of salvation in it, then you are blowing it. It must have at least something in it somewhere about Salvation through Christ, or don’t send it. Soul-winning need not be the theme, in fact, the main thing is that your book be entertaining. It is better if your book is enjoyable by everyone. I don’t want the Christians to all be insane either. That has been run into the ground by secularists.

I don’t want to read a novel where all the people are perfect and know all the right answers at every step and they always get along. I don’t want to read a book where you can’t remember who is who because they all seem the same. I like grit, carnage, dirt, and real world. If there are a heard of unicorns in it, then some of them should be taken for meat. . . Having said that, we don’t have to know all of the details of the characters sex lives, so why would we have to know each and every vulgarity that comes out of their mouth. Don’t go overly dark just to prove you understand the dark side. I want fast-paced and some action. I really don’t like endless description.

Just email me about your e-book. If I decide I will read it, then I’ll have you gift me an e-copy. Once I get it, ill make an announcement here. Then the battle is on!

KINGS and CLANS of the Midwest is available on AMAZON in paperback or Kindle. I plan on doing a sequel. You can download a Kindle reader to your PC. Also, Look for RANCID TALES, my experiences in the food processing industry.



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