The Tragedy of Techno-Isolation

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The Internet, and the virtually connected and seamlessly flowing world of information it brings us, is a tremendous tool.

But like all tools, it is great for some things and quite lousy for other things.

Easier, But Bombarded and Harried

With a series of inventions over the last 150 years, communications have become both easier to do and a heavier burden as messages become easier to send and because recipients get far more of them.

From telegraph, to telephone, to television, to personal computers and e-communications, we can now send messages, documents, etc. at lightning speed and at an almost unlimited volume.

Notice that, with every step that eases the job, the distance between the parties becomes physically and emotionally greater.

We recipients are both more detached from senders and find ourselves ever more frequently bombarded by them.

Which means we are never able to escape the messages–which can reach use anywhere…

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The Lucid Series: Android Uprising

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The Lucid Series: Android Uprising is the first book in a Christian dystopian cyberpunk series of novels. It has clean language and contains violence. The book contains brutally honest strong Christian themes, including the presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This book will challenge thinking Christians and thinking skeptics alike.

The goal is to get this book into the hands of many people. Therefore the price of the paperback and the e-book are set very low. This low-cost novel would make a great gift to your friends and family members. Please consider buying extra copies to lend or to give away.

Preachy Fiction

This is a good article for any Christian who writes.

Writing for Christ!

There seems to be a very real problem in the realm of Christian fiction writing. We seem to have lost our focus on why we write. We seem to have displaced the One for whom we claim to write. All things are for God’s glory, all things. That includes fictional literature. If not, then “Christian Fiction” is a joke.

But I do not believe that Christian fiction is a joke, because I believe it’s purpose is good and true. Not Christian fiction for fiction’s sake, but Christian fiction for the glory of Christ. For a love offering unto Christ.

So much is spoken by Christian authors against “preachiness” in Christian novels. I can’t help but wonder if the real root of that complaint lies in our insecurities. We’re so afraid of being looked down upon by the world that we’re willing to bash the very purpose of our existence, which…

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Supervision Basics: A Leadership Mindset is available in Paperback and also at Kindle

Supervision Basics Cover

Supervision Basics: A Leadership Mindset is a high-impact, transformative self-help and training tool for front-line supervision. It is a must for anyone in supervision and those wanting to go into supervision. It is available on Amazon and Kindle.

Supervisory Intelligence
By D. V. S. on 21 Aug. 2015
Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
As ever there are professions least appreciated, and this is one of them: Supervision.

Richard Warren has written the book I could have written, but he has done it better than I could have done. I can see from the outset of reading his book that he knows full well what he’s talking about; it’s as if he’s written the words for me.

I come from another country, where I enjoyed (and suffered) the role of management supervisor in multi-racial environments. (Supervision is actually a management role delegated to an other).

I’ve had over 16 years experience in either being a shift supervisor or a supervising manager in various manufacturing industries (food, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, steel, and electric.)

Being a committed Supervisor is actually being a professional, and it is a profession that could only be studied with experience in the real world, not in the heady world of “paper qualified” academia. If Supervision ever became a profession requiring “paper qualifications”, it would require highly experienced real-world professionals like Warren to examine written examination papers. There would also have to be specialised fields of supervision, as in food, electrical, steel, etc. Scotland has SVQs for such fields, I think. (SVQ = Scottish Vocational Qualification)

Food industries require more stringent quality control, whereas steel industries require more of a leadership in the rough-and-tumble world of hardened “working-class” characters. The character or nature of supervision personalities (which can be learned by experience) is different for each industry. I’ve seen a highly effective supervising manager (actually an operations manager that also supervised the shop floor) dissolve potentially destructive industrial unrest by “simple” one-to-many amicable, win-win negotiation at shop floor level (- he is still, in memory, an inspiration to me: his name is André van Niekerk at VeeCraft in South Africa)

Supervision also requires a good understanding and application of fully-fledged appraisal systems for each type of industry in which the supervisor operates. An appraisal system need not have the backing of company policy to be applied if the company owner or manager allows the supervisor to have the authority to accompany the responsibility required to motivate operatives. Oftentimes supervisors are given responsibilities without concomitant authority. (People with management or supervisory experience will understand what I’m saying here. Even the aforesaid André van Niekerk has experienced the meaning of this, where the owner of a construction steel business, in which André worked as an operations manager, poked his finger in André’s face!)

The problem is, especially in an owner managed businesses, supervision is not appreciated as a specialised job requiring all-round intelligence (including emotional intelligence): the supervisor does not have the power of a business owner or manager, yet the supervisor has to be more effective in getting operatives to fulfill their tasks. But then, most people don’t have the all-round intelligence to understand this. Richard Warren understands this fully.

How to Write a Book Review and Rid the World of Crappy Writers


As an indie publisher and author, I put AYANNA on various distribution channels for free. The hope is that you will enjoy the work and want to read more of my tales. Also, feedback is needed so writers like me will know whether or not it is worth it to keep writing in the same series. Believe it or not, writing hundreds of pages for your enjoyment is part fun, but part a LOT of work. Also, your feedback is needed for the writers to find out what the readers like or don’t like.

Typically, less than one in a thousand free downloads will leave a review. That means that by the second or third books, an author might get a couple of reviews. That is a lot of work for such minimal feedback. If we suck, put us out of our misery.

If you do read a free book and like it well enough to finish it, I encourage you to go to the website where you got it and leave some kind of positive review. After all, it was at least good enough to finish. What kept you going? You could have been sorting your socks or rotating your tires or something.

If you didn’t finish the book, because it was just not your genre, then it would be unfair to leave a bad review, unless the book description said it was about rampaging zombies and all the protagonists did was make out. If you didn’t finish the book because there was some serious writing or publishing flaws, it could warrant a bad review, or just mark them down a star or two. Don’t go too crazy. I have never read a book which has not contained some kind of spelling mistake.

If possible, break down what you liked or didn’t like. “That character would never do that.” “That would never happen.” “That was too unbelievable.” “I couldn’t stop reading it because. . .” “This is as good as a book I paid money for because. . .” “I love that character.” “I would like to see so and so go whatever.” What did reading the book make you think about? How did it make you feel? Just don’t spoil the story for the next reader by giving out too much detail.

Another reason to leave a review is that it can be fun. Not fun in that you are killing off budding writers’ careers, but that at least on Amazon, when you leave book reviews, the reviewers are reviewed and get a rating.

Thanks, and please help me out. Please. . .don’t kill my writing off! It’s. . .too young to die! I’ll do better! I promise!”

Ayanna Now Available!

Ayanna Cover 1400 pixels wide
Ayanna is available from Amazon in both ebook and paperback. The ebook will be available at numerous other retailers in multiple platforms.

In a world where many people kill for their daily needs, a young girl, who spent her formative years among a clan of cannibals, is now under the guidance of a militaristic community, where she learns the ways of war.
AYANNA may be read as a stand-alone story, or as a sequel to the novel, KINGS and CLANS of the Midwest.