Den Warren’s 2017 Cooperative Fantasy Romance Humor Novel Page – Contest Rules

 The first deadline will be midnight on January 9th.

What I’m looking for this week:When the story starts, it must grab the reader right away. This is the very start of a book. The first paragraph ought to reveal what the main conflict in the story is about. Something out of the ordinary would be good.

I may regret doing this because of the work, but it might be fun. I doubt if this Cooperative Novel is a totally new idea, or if it is a great concept, but here it is:

Each week or so, during 2017, (starting on Jan 1) ANY writer may submit a short chapter to the ongoing cooperative novel until the due date. The chapter is an easy 500 to 1000 (not firm) words, and your submission may not be good for anything else. I don’t submissions to go a lot longer, because I don’t want you to waste too much of your work on your submission. This should be all for fun. As editor, each week I’ll choose the best chapter for the story and publish it online. Then when it is done, I can publish it into a paperback and e-book anthology. I keep any profits. So in essence, this is a weekly flash fiction contest.

What do you get for your submission? Your by line will be given for each chapter. Each author that contributes a chapter that is used will be able to add a short two paragraph bio to the project that tells about them and their works. A lot of people may end up reading your chapter and bio. Fill it with your best stuff.


The guidelines for what is needed for the overall story will change as it progresses. I’ll keep putting that at the top. Some of these listed here will change also.

It is best to read as much of the previous pages in the novel as possible.

I think Fantasy would work best for this. It may morph into something else, so the title could change.

Setting up the next chapter is a nice practice. Especially in the earlier stages of the story.

I love humor. No one should take this story too seriously.

Action is always entertaining.

Many readers like romance. Romance fits in any genre, of course.

Prefer clean writing. Steer clear of gratuitous graphic sex.

I will make editorial changes to the winning submission to make it totally fit better.

I am not planning on doing any of the writing myself, but I may not be able to keep out of it.

If you don’t win during a particular week, please don’t get mad. Please submit again.

To submit your chapter to the story for consideration, go to this page.