Dysfunctional Extroverts

Huh? Is this some kind of a joke?  The world knows that introversion is not normal.  Just do a search on it and see how much is out there.  Then do the same thing for Extroverts and compare.

It is time for us introverts to go on offense. I saw someone tweet: “Introverts Unite!  Each in your own homes.” Anyway, for too long we have been told we are the weirdos. Introverts are defective extroverts. Something must have happened to introverts along the way that they are so reclusive.

Some of that may be true.  Okay, all of it.  But here’s the deal.  If you are an analytical introvert, you are probably adept at observing the action of others.  The next time you are around some extroverted personalities, take a look at their actions.

How long can they go without saying “I” or “me”?  Even if they are not talking, how long can they go without making some sort of attention-getting device?  If no one is paying attention to them, then how long before they walk up to someone and start talking about something, needing to be the smart one, funny one, cool one, caring one, or whatever?  To us, their actions are an embarrassment.  But most people don’t see that, because they think that is normal.

I contend that being extremely extroverted is dysfunctional.  Extroverts have to do things in groups and cannot function by themselves for very long.  At that stage, they are the inadequate ones.  Instead of being a brooding introvert who is secretly scheming some kind of conspiracy, extroverts are narcissistic evil overlords trying to rally their minions.

Who can argue that the high profile Hollywood personalities aren’t at least a little dysfunctional? They grow up as the class clown, then they get all the accolades that they feel is their due. What happens when they don’t get their own way? Waaah!

Try to be tolerant of extroverts.  They can’t help it.


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